About Us

About us

It is widely agreed that the kitchen is the heart of the home and we at PVK Granite and Marble Ltd are in full agreement, but nothing quite like the right stone worktops completes your dream kitchen for you and your family.

With over fifteen years of experience PVK Granite and Marble Ltd bring knowledge and beauty into your home. We are skilled specialists in granite, quartz and marble and we hold deep industry knowledge due to this.

We offer an array of styles, colours from all over the world to suit everyone’s individuals needs and budget.

We offer custom made stone products, natural stone and stone installation services for home renovation enthusiasts, interior designers, architects and property developers.

With over fifteen years of experience we come highly recommended and hold a great reputation with customer service which we are extremely proud of and are keen to uphold.

We cover the whole of East Anglia, so please do get in touch if you want your dream to become a reality